Adidas Climalite Weightlifting Suit

This was the first proper Olympic Weightlifting suit that I purchased, in my return to sport. I’ve rolled 10 meets in this suit, at least, and dozens of training sessions. This suit has really been through a lot, and has held up incredibly well. The black portions of the suit (full lower, and upper chest) are a very thick, reinforced material – but it is also fully flexible and has great stretch and compression. These black sections of fabric can take the sharp knurling of the bar, that would turn other fabrics into fibers, very quickly. The red portions of the suit are a very light, breathable climalite material. The zipper, built into the back, runs nearly all the way down the back, making it easy to handle solo.

Personally, I believe this to be the best Olympic Weightlifting Suit that Adidas – or any other company – has ever produced. The longevity of the suit, along with the quality and durability of the materials, and excellent construction, make this the best suit that’s been produced, to date. The newer version, the CrazyPower, is really inferior in every way. I’ll be discussing it in here, as well.