Meet #21 July 2021; Capital City Classic

101/121 @

Really fun day, CCB meets have always been my favorite – possibly because that’s where I had my first comeback meet back in 2017. The goal on the day was to work a comfortable 6/6 performance, and I ended up doing that with a 101kg snatch and a 121kg clean & jerk. Great day with a great group of people – these CCB meets are the closest thing to a “home meet” that I have.

Meet #20 May 2021; Florida State Championship

100/120 @ 80.1

Really fun meet and a decent performance. This was a bit of a redemption for me, as I had done fairly poorly here a few months prior at the National Championship meet. I went 100kg on snatch and 120kg on clean & jerk for a 220kg total on the day, I’m alright with that. This will probably be my last year running in 81kg class for this.

Meet #19 March 2021; Masters Weightlifting National Championship

95/120 @ 78.4

Not the best of days, in terms of results, but I had a really awesome time. This was my first in-person National Championship meet, last year was online format due to COVID. There were so many participants in our age group and weight class (M35-39, 81kg) that we were split into A and B sessions. I was at the bottom of the A session, so spent a lot of time following myself on attempts, etc. Tough conditions, but a fantastic time and lots of lessons learned!

Meet #16 October 2020; Florida State Championship

Finally – back to an IN-PERSON MEET! This was down in Orlando, Florida, at the same venue that the Master’s National Championship meet was supposed to be in. I had really been looking forward to this meet. About 4 weeks prior to this, I switched out of Pendlay WOD, the programming/coaching group I had been a member of for about 2yrs at that point. Our coach, Glenn Pendlay, had died about 1 year prior, so I decided to split off and start working with a coach that I knew from PendlayWOD. I put in a lot of catch-up work, but at the end of the day, the performance I wanted just wasn’t there. I had competed about 10 days before this, doing attempts for the Panamerican Championship meet, and I was just mentally exhausted.
At the meet; I weighed in about 80kg for the 81kg Master’s division. Mentally, I gave up on snatches. At the end of the snatch session, I was 7kg behind the guy in 1st place. I took a few minutes to collect myself and decided that I wanted to dig my way out of the hole I had created from the poor snatch performance. I just wanted to claw back and beat the leader by 1kg, so that’s what I did. By the time I finished my 1st clean & jerk, he was wrapping up with his last. 123kg is what was needed to take the overall win by 1kg. Definitely not my best clean & jerk, but I’ll remember that one for a while! 1st place, for the 2nd year in a row.
Snatch: 93kg/98kgX/98kgX
Clean & Jerk: 115kg/120kg/123kg
Total: 116kg

Meet #15 October 2020; Master’s Panamerican Championship

Well, this one is a bit of similar story to the Master’s National Championship meet. This was originally slated to go down in San Juan, Puerto Rico – a vacation meet! It too, was dealt the same fate, going to an online format due to travel and health restrictions. I filmed my attempts at Capital City Barbell, here in town, as it required competition equipment that I did not have in my garage at the time. I lifted like shit, and dont’ deserve what I got! I weighed in at 80kg and snatched 98kg but only clean and jerked 110kg. Very poor showing. The participation #’s dropped way down – that’s the only way that I was able to snag hardware. I cashed out with 3 bronzes; snatch, clean & jerk, and total. The medals were, apparently, all ordered as Gold’s – lol. The inscription on the back tells the true tale, though; Third Place. My first hardware from an international meet. Despite it being online, I am proud about being an international medalist in Olympic Weightlifting – what a treat.

Meet #14 September 2020; Master’s National Championship

This was originally slated to happen in April, in Orlando, Florida, but the COVID shutdown in Florida caused it to be pushed back multiple times, eventually ending up in an online format. I was still recovering from my torn knee, but I weighed in a 80kg and managed a decent (for me) 100kg snatch and 125kg clean & jerk for my top lifts. I ended up doing these attempts at Big Bend Strength and Conditioning, here in town, as I did not have competition weights in KG at my house at that point in time. This was good enough to get me a Bronze! I had 11 people in my age/weight class for this, and look forward to – hopefully – competing in person at this event. I am currently registered and looking forward to the 2021 Master’s National Championship, in Orlando, Florida, again this year – taking place in March!
Snatch: 90kg/95kg/100kg
Clean & Jerk: 110kg/125kg/withdraw
Total: 225kg

Meets # 10-13; USAW online meets due to COVID

Not going to bother putting these videos up at the moment, USAW’s meets went online, montly, starting in May, 2020, and continuing up through the present time of January, 2021. I tore my right knee (meniscus) in April of 2020, and took about 2 months to let it heal up. I participated in June, July, August, September, and October’s montly meets. June as an 89kg, the rest as 81kg. Some silvers, golds and bronzes in there.

Meet #9 March 2020; Big Bend Spring Meet

I weighed in 80.5kg and then reffed for the ladies session. When that was over, I suited up to lift with the Men’s session. Snatches felt great and I managed a 1kg competition PR at 101kg/222lbs. I cramped up (calves and outer quad) on my 90kg warmup for clean & jerk and knew I needed to dial back. I did end up managing to hit a 5kg competition PR on my last clean & jerk at 125kg/275lbs.

Snatch: 95kg/101kg/107kgX (209lbs/222lbs/236lbsX)
Clean & Jerk: 115kgX/120kg/125kg (253lbsX/264lbs/275lbs)
Total: 226kg