Equipment Reviews

This is something that will be expanded upon, in time. I have saved videos and pictures reviewing the following……As this site expands, these items will become clickable, directing to a separate page with videos, pictures, and text review.

Follow the links below for my review…..

Olympic Weightlifting Equipment
Lynx Change Plates; how accurate are they?
Epimoni Change Plates; how accurate are they?
TRU Athletics Competition Bumper Plates (in KG)
TRU Athletics Olympic Training Barbell (Women’s, 15kg, bearing)
TRU Athletics 2.5kg Competition Collars
Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates (V1 and V2, in LB)
Vulcan Olympic Training Barbell (bearing, 28mm, 20kg)
Vulcan V4.0 Elite Olympic Training Barbell (28mm, 20kg, bushing)
Vulcan 7kg aluminum training barbell (Mallory’s barbell)

Olympic Weightlifting Shoes
2002 Adidas Ironwork II Weightlifting Shoes
2008 Adidas Adistar Weightlifting Shoes
Adidas Leistung II 2.0 Weightlifting Shoes
Adidas Drehkraft Weightlifting Shoes
Adidas Adipower Weightlifting Shoes
Moska Model 3 Weightlifting Shoes
Position P3 Weightlifting Shoes
Position P3+ Weightlifting Shoes
Pendlay American Weightlifting Shoes

Olympic Weightlifting Suits/Singlets
2004 Adidas Atenus Weightlifting Suit (for Athens Olympic games)
Adidas Climalite Weightlifting Suit (Red/Black)
Adidas Crazypower Weightlifting Suit (GreyDigital/Black)
Adidas Crazypower Weightlifting Suit (Blue/Black)
Puma Olympic Weightlifting Suit; Cuban National Team
Custom; Kazakhstan National Team Weightlifting Suit
USA Masters National Singlet