Adidas Crazypower Weightlifting Suit (Blue)

This is the newest and most up-to-date version of an Olympic Weightlifting Suit that Adidas offers. It offers some substantial improvements, in theory, when compared to it’s predecessor, the Adidas Climalite Weightlifting Suit. However, in reality, it is a V1.0 product.

Let’s start with the improvements; the lower half of the suit features a non-reinforced back half (the part covering the butt and hamstrings), while the front portion that covers the quads and crotch features a new reinforced material. The non-reinforced material is lighter, in terms of compression of thickness, and I really like that. I also purchase a Grey/Black colorway of the CrazyPower suit and I prefer that over the blue, but I do like this color, as well.

The not-so-good and the downright disappointing; The 3-stripes are gone from the lower half of the suit. What the hell is up with that, Adidas?!?! I genuinely love all Adidas products, the more stripes, the better! I will probably end up taking this to the seamstress/tailor to have white stripes sewn onto the legs. It’s driving me nuts!
The biggest disappointment on this is a tossup between the construction quality, and the material used for the reinforcement panels. Loose strings on a weightlifting suit is never a good sign; when I see those on knee sleeves, I know what it means; end of line. I’m seeing strings, already, on both CrazyPower suits that I own. That’s unacceptable! The reinforcement material they use is inferior to what was used in the Climalite suits. The material pills excessively during use – pilling is, essentially, the material give up fibers. This will results in failure of the suit.