Adidas Drehkraft Weightlifting Shoes

These are a fairly unremarkable shoe, I would lump this in with some of Adidas’ other low-effort/low-cost strength training shoes; like the Adidas Powerlift series. This shoe does have a few features, though, that make it a bit more specific to Olympic Weightlifting. This red colorway is incredibly rare, the overwhelming majority that came to the U.S. were in the very drab and austere Grey colorway. If you need a 3/4″ heel to hit your optimal positions, then these might be a good choice.

The Good; The price on these, at the time they were produced (2018-2019) they were right around $100 and on sale for as low as $60. I paid about $75 for mine, slightly used and shipped in from the EU, in order to get the Red colorway. Besides price, and effectiveness as a piece of equipment, there’s not much to talk about on this shoe.

The Bad; the Boa tightening system, again, great in execution, but not so in reality. These shoes are plagued, along with the majority of Adidas’ current line of Olympic Weightlifting shoes, with being incredibly narrow in the forefoot. Their powerlifting shoes aren’t like this, why make the weightlifting shoes that way? Bizarre. Other bad things about this shoe, the material of the insole is too soft. I want my force to transfer from my foot, through the shoe, and into the platform – kind of difficult when you use a somewhat spongy material for the heel and insole.

The Takeaway; If these could be found at a great price, it’s an acceptable shoe. I gave mine away via Reddit’s Olympic Weightlifting forum.