Custom; Kazakhstan National Team Weightlifting Suit

This suit was a total oddball find. I search eBay, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Instagram for rare Olympic Weightlifting gear, or otherwise interesting stuff. I came across this, from a seller in China that makes singlets, track/speed suits, weightlifting suits, etc. The first suit he sent me was a total P.O.S. – but, he was willing to work with me and V2.0 came out better, but, it’s still something that’s better to look at on a hanger, than to roll with to a meet. It’s is 100% for the aesthetics (for those that appreciate the history behind the the suit) and would probably last for 3-4 meets before becoming unfunctional. The zipper is tiny, in terms of gauge, and would not stand the long-haul. If you want to reach out to the dude, just contact me and I’ll pass along his info.