Moska Model 3 Weightlifting Shoes

Bet you’ve never seen these before! A truly unique weightlifting shoe, I’ve never run across anyone wearing these in-person at a meet or anywhere else. These really look so nice, I really wanted to like them, and I might eventually. But, out of the box, these just aren’t the shoes for me. What do you think of when you think of Poland? Luxury, high end goods, precision engineering? Yeah, me either – I’m thinking of former com-bloc production facilities, thinking outside of the box with engineering, and crafty use/choice of materials. The heel height on these is roughly 3/4″.

The Good; These shoes *are* high quality – a nice suede upper with wood heel and gum rubber tread. The wood heel is covered, externally, in a sort of rubberized material to protect it. These are handmade, custom to your foot. The measurement isn’t standard, it’s from the end of the heel, to the big toe, a diagonal, as opposed to straight line measurement. This is an interesting way of measuring, and what you come away with is a shoe that fits, lengthwise, with some nice room in the forefoot area if you have wide feet. The image of these reminds of late 80’s, early 90’s Adidas Olympic Weightlifting shoes. What a classic design. These were less than $100 shipped from Poland – isn’t that absolutely nuts? You probably couldn’t get 2lbs of chocolate shipped from Poland for that cheap. Maybe it’s because……

The Bad; Folks, if you’ve ever ridden in a race car, or a gutted street car, that’s the closest thing I can compare these to. There is, literally, zero padding sewn into the shoe itself. It is, for all intents and purposes, all show and no go. There is no insole on these, either, simply a small sheet of batting. You could step on a tic-tac in these, and feel it just as clearly as stepping on your kids lego’s with bare feet.

The Takeaway; These are incredibly promising, but I feel like it’s an “Alpha Version” product. If you have a reliable cobbler that’s up to the task, having a proper inner liner built and sewn in, along with a proper insole, would be essential to making this a long-term training or comp shoe. The craftsmanship is so “old world” that they make the Position’s feel like a crude comparison.