Position P3+ Weightlifting Shoes

If you’re here, on the P3+’s, it hopefully means that you looked at the P3’s and didn’t hurl. Seriously, though – every thing I wanted improved on the P3 was done – AND MORE – on the P3+.

The Good; Everything from the P3’s, BUT add on thicker tread on the bottom, with natural gum rubber AND stamped logo pattern on the tread, siiiiicccckkkkk! No joking, this tread is probably 1/4″ to 1/3″ thick and should provide several *years* of lifting life. Natural finish wood heel – damn, just looks incredible.

The Bad; nothing at all. I know someone will be expecting me to put “the aesthetics” here, but there are no medals awarded in Olympic Weightlifting for sexiest looking kit.

The Takeaway; The sound of wood heel with wood platform, when lifting, can’t be replicated with plastic heeled shoes. If you need a 1″ heel to lift with, don’t waste your time or money with anything other than Position shoes. For real, it doesn’t get any better than these. For folks that care about the quality of materials, the quality of construction, and supporting a brand that truly improves upon an already good idea, then this is the only choice.