Meet #14 September 2020; Master’s National Championship

This was originally slated to happen in April, in Orlando, Florida, but the COVID shutdown in Florida caused it to be pushed back multiple times, eventually ending up in an online format. I was still recovering from my torn knee, but I weighed in a 80kg and managed a decent (for me) 100kg snatch and 125kg clean & jerk for my top lifts. I ended up doing these attempts at Big Bend Strength and Conditioning, here in town, as I did not have competition weights in KG at my house at that point in time. This was good enough to get me a Bronze! I had 11 people in my age/weight class for this, and look forward to – hopefully – competing in person at this event. I am currently registered and looking forward to the 2021 Master’s National Championship, in Orlando, Florida, again this year – taking place in March!
Snatch: 90kg/95kg/100kg
Clean & Jerk: 110kg/125kg/withdraw
Total: 225kg