Meet #15 October 2020; Master’s Panamerican Championship

Well, this one is a bit of similar story to the Master’s National Championship meet. This was originally slated to go down in San Juan, Puerto Rico – a vacation meet! It too, was dealt the same fate, going to an online format due to travel and health restrictions. I filmed my attempts at Capital City Barbell, here in town, as it required competition equipment that I did not have in my garage at the time. I lifted like shit, and dont’ deserve what I got! I weighed in at 80kg and snatched 98kg but only clean and jerked 110kg. Very poor showing. The participation #’s dropped way down – that’s the only way that I was able to snag hardware. I cashed out with 3 bronzes; snatch, clean & jerk, and total. The medals were, apparently, all ordered as Gold’s – lol. The inscription on the back tells the true tale, though; Third Place. My first hardware from an international meet. Despite it being online, I am proud about being an international medalist in Olympic Weightlifting – what a treat.