Meet #16 October 2020; Florida State Championship

Finally – back to an IN-PERSON MEET! This was down in Orlando, Florida, at the same venue that the Master’s National Championship meet was supposed to be in. I had really been looking forward to this meet. About 4 weeks prior to this, I switched out of Pendlay WOD, the programming/coaching group I had been a member of for about 2yrs at that point. Our coach, Glenn Pendlay, had died about 1 year prior, so I decided to split off and start working with a coach that I knew from PendlayWOD. I put in a lot of catch-up work, but at the end of the day, the performance I wanted just wasn’t there. I had competed about 10 days before this, doing attempts for the Panamerican Championship meet, and I was just mentally exhausted.
At the meet; I weighed in about 80kg for the 81kg Master’s division. Mentally, I gave up on snatches. At the end of the snatch session, I was 7kg behind the guy in 1st place. I took a few minutes to collect myself and decided that I wanted to dig my way out of the hole I had created from the poor snatch performance. I just wanted to claw back and beat the leader by 1kg, so that’s what I did. By the time I finished my 1st clean & jerk, he was wrapping up with his last. 123kg is what was needed to take the overall win by 1kg. Definitely not my best clean & jerk, but I’ll remember that one for a while! 1st place, for the 2nd year in a row.
Snatch: 93kg/98kgX/98kgX
Clean & Jerk: 115kg/120kg/123kg
Total: 116kg