Meet #9 March 2020; Big Bend Spring Meet

I weighed in 80.5kg and then reffed for the ladies session. When that was over, I suited up to lift with the Men’s session. Snatches felt great and I managed a 1kg competition PR at 101kg/222lbs. I cramped up (calves and outer quad) on my 90kg warmup for clean & jerk and knew I needed to dial back. I did end up managing to hit a 5kg competition PR on my last clean & jerk at 125kg/275lbs.

Snatch: 95kg/101kg/107kgX (209lbs/222lbs/236lbsX)
Clean & Jerk: 115kgX/120kg/125kg (253lbsX/264lbs/275lbs)
Total: 226kg